Kick the Canner to the Curb

In all reality, canning take too much time! Here is an easy hack on how I freeze my produce to get back some precious time!

Snapping green beans to be blanched

I have never been much of a green thumb however I have really wanted to get to a place where I can provide veggies for my family! As funny as it sounds, I am not much of a veggie eater. I thought by producing from my own two hands, it would encourage me to try new things!

Last year Kevin built a garden for me which included 4 ft tall fences (thank you deer). I had a successful harvest in 2018 so I did it again in 2019.

How to freeze Green Beans

We had a really wet spring but I managed to get seeds in between rains. The biggest lesson I learned with a garden is “do what works.” This can happen in a number of ways but they one I want to focus on today is with the final product. Having 2 babies 2 yrs and under, time is very precious. I decided to try freezing my product last year rather than canning it. I do not have a pressure canner or a place to store all those cans where they will not freeze. ALL my produce gets froze and stored. For the veggies, Beans, peas, and corn. I will blanche and vacuum seal (lasts 1 year in deep freeze). The tomatoes I turned into pizza and spaghetti sauce and froze in freezer bags (good for 1 year). Below I walk through the process I used with freezing the beans.

1: Pick Beans fresh and wash in cold water

2: Snap Beans: Snap the ends off and snap into edible sections (2-3 per bean)

3. Put in a pot of boiling water and blanch about 4 min- the color will turn a rich green. They will be a tad firm yet.

4. Vacuum Seal and freeze!

This method has saved me a lot of time and the end result is still SO good! Having fresh garden product in the middle of winter is a great treat! 

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