From Field to Table

Living in Iowa we are blessed with an abundance of wildlife. I was raised in a hunting family and learned to respect our God given food sources from an early age. If you have had wild game before and didn’t like the taste, I suggest you give it another shot (no pun intended). Below I share some tips for cooking the wild game we harvest.

Deer Loin before season and grilling

Deer: My husband and I both find joy in the challenge of archery hunting. For me I prefer this hunting method simply because the seasons are much warmer 🙂 Upon harvest we field dress the deer, rinse, and hang. Depending on time and weather, we will start to cut the meat off the bone that day or the next. We cut it off in large sections and take it to the house and rise. The loins get cut in 1/2″ steaks and vacuum sealed. The rest of it gets sliced thin for making jerky. We will take whatever is left and grind it for “deer burger.”

Since I will not give away our top secret jerky recipe, I will give you a general run down. Find a jerky season and season the jerky as you wish. We smoke ours on our Traeger Grill for 2 hrs on the smoke setting. We end up vacuum sealing it and putting it in the freezer to enjoy year round!

When cooking the deer steaks we simply season with a steak seasoning (or salt and pepper) and cook on our Traeger Grill at 350* for about 7-10 min.

From field to table- Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey: The best part of a Wild Turkey is the breasts. We will cut off the breasts, marinate and grill. A few of my favorite marinates are Olive Oil with Traeger Chicken Rub- set overnight then grill 350* for 30 min or until the meat is 165*. Another easy marinate is plain ol’ Italian dressing. Marinate overnight and cook as above.

Wild Turkey Breasts

It really is that simple! Both Wild Turkey and Wild Deer provide great lean sources of protein. They are low in total and saturated fats as well as provide a number of beneficial vitamins and minerals.