Just Do The Thing!

You know when you are a kid and doing something scary and ask for a count down. You can almost guarantee an older sibling or friend who is assisting in this scary thing will do it before the countdown is over. Put this picture in your head. I am sitting on top of a tall tower scared to death to zip line but on the count of 5, I am going. 1, 2, ZIPPPP and I am pushed off the tower BEFORE I was expecting it. The outcome? I still went down the zip-line, I am still alive, and I actually had fun!

Often times in life we just need a little push- sometimes even before we are ready. This blog for instance. I write to share my feelings; it is my form of stress reliever for me. I started a blog back when I was pregnant with my 1st daughter. I picked it back up when I was on maternity leave with my second but I was too afraid to ever hit publish. It’s not ready, it’s not perfect, I am SURE there are typos (I hated English class), I am not perfect. Maybe no one will even read it? Then I remembered WHY I am doing this… for me… for a stress reliever… my place to gather my thoughts and put them on “paper.” Why should I care if it is perfect or if it is not ready? In the moment I needed that little push. A book I was reading talked about this exact thing and it was enough to give me the push I needed.

So sister or brother, just do the thing. Don’t worry about the perfect timing, perfect situation, perfect post; just do it! Remember your WHY behind what you are doing to ensure it aligns with your values. When you are doing the thing that is right for YOU; YOU will know and feel good with your decision.